We understand its not one person who handles your events, its the whole team of experts who take care of the activities of the event and its success. oDASH ensures that not only the creator of the event has the access of the dashboard but also the other team members.

1. Follow the steps below to add/remove administrator/event manager from oDASH account:

Step 1.1 : Login to your oDASH (organizer dashboard) and click on your company's profile from the top bar.

Step 1.2 Click on the "User Access" tab and a page will appear with all the Administrators and Events Managers listed.

  • Add Administrators : Admins have access to all events by default and can manage all the events that are listed in this company name.

When you click on ‘+Add administrator’ (in red) a pop will appear to fill the Name, Email ID and Phone number to add the contact of the admin.
Also you can remove (in green) the admin access from the bin icon given at the right side of every contact

  • Add Event Managers : Event managers have access to the specific event only and the admins can select the event while adding the event manager.

When you click on +Add Event Manager(in red) a pop-up will appear to fill the Name, Email ID and Phone number to Add the contact of the event manager.
Also you can remove (in green) the event manager from the bin icon given at the right side of every contact.

Step 1.3: We do have an option for ‘Advance security’ which you can enable or disable. Here people can request for access from existing account holders only.

2. Follow the steps below to set-up notifications for your leads/reports from oDASH:

As an oDASH account holder you can receive the updates about your events and its performance monthly/weekly/daily in your email. 

  • Administrator : All the admins here will be receiving the company level reports which will include the lead generation performance of all the upcoming events. As of now for all the administrators the reports are generated Monthly only.
  • Event manager :  The Event manager for a specific event here can receive the reports in Weekly, Daily or Immediate basis for that Event only. One can select any option from the drop down at any time for all the event managers of that event. 

Some important pointers to note : 

  • If you still do not receive the reports on your email, that might be the chance you must have unsubscribed to our mails. To Subscribe again, click on the Resubscribe button on the left side panel of your User access page or you can write us a mail at odash@10times.com .
  • If an Administrator would like to receive Weekly/Daily/Immediate report for a particular event/all Events, they need to first add himself as an Event manager for that event/all events and then select the report type.
  • An Admin can add or delete any new person as an Administrator or Event manager for a particular event. However an Event manager can only add or delete a person from that Event only of which he is given an access to.
  • There should be at-least one email id registered as an administrator. If you wish to remove your email id make sure you add some other or someone else's email as an admin first and then delete your email id from the list.
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