10times is an open for all event discovery platform and is being accessed by millions of event goers, business professionals, working professionals, industry experts, students, teachers, doctors and people from specific professionals. All these people actively use the platform to find new events, research about any events, share information and take part in discussions etc.

In order to perform the above actions and being active on platform they continue to engage with platform at various call-to-action points for examples: Follow, Bookmark, Interested, Going etc. for any events, companies, page or group of collections. Know more about this in detail.

All such engagements are termed as leads in system and also available for organizers, using free organizer account. 

How to contact and respond/reply to these leads

Simply login to your free organiser account using your official email id. To login to your account please make sure you have the access to your company profile or to your event(s). If you do not have access to your events know more about claiming your listings.

Once you would have access to your listings, go to your event dashboard by selecting event for which your wish to access the information/leads from your my event dashboard.

Once you are inside your event dashboard navigate to "leads" section from menu. 

You would be able to see all your engagements and interests for your event. You may contact and reach out to them by using the contact button given with each interest/leads. 

Important Note

  1. Contact details of leads like phone, email are visible and unlocked till 24 hours of capture, under free/basic plan. Post 24 hours, under free plan, you may only contact through email, using the contact button given with each lead.
  2. You can send personalized/ custom message to all the visitor/ exhibitor leads.
  3. You can disable the button, not to receive any such leads (Visitor/ Speaker/ Stall Booking)

Under the premium plans you would be able to unlock following features. 

  1. Full access to contact details even beyond 24-hour. Reply your users from your mailbox and as per your convenience and increase your conversation rate.
  2. Send mass message or bulk message. You don't need to send same message one-by-one individually. Mass message feature allows you to send same message to your users in one go and saves time. 
  3. API Integrations. You have your own CRM no worries. Our API integration let you import all leads information right in your CRM. So that your have seamless integration with your existing work flows. Our API's can be integrated with any CRM including Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho etc
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