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Community Guidelines, Terms of Use & Services
Community Guidelines, Terms of Use & Services

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Our Promise

10times strives to be the most trusted and transparent place for event-goers and companies looking to find events and research on companies and event organizers. We want to make sure no one ever visit bad event or have bad event attending experience. 

Been world largest event goers community we follow these simple principles and guidelines to ensure the most authentic, transparent, and valuable information is available about events and for event-goers while balancing fairness to event owners or organizers.

  • We collect event information by technological algorithms, event submitted by our large user base attending the event or event organizers by directly submitting or by suggesting the event.

  • We moderate every piece of content through a two-step moderation process. The first gate of review is technological. We apply proprietary technology that analyzes multiple attributes of the content. If the content does not pass technological review, a team of human moderators reviews the content to determine if it meets our guidelines. Additionally, a human always moderates any piece of content that is flagged for secondary review.

  • We never edit or alter the text of reviews or comments submitted on our site, no matter how minor.

  • We never suppress, filter, or delete content simply because it is negative/lower-rated, or positive/higher-rated.

  • We apply the same standard of review for all content (whether or not the content involves an client of 10times).

  • We require email verification from a permanent, active email address or a valid social networking account for each user submitting content.

  • We use proprietary technology filters & algorithms to detect attempted abuse and gaming.

  • We stay neutral in all cases of dispute; we don’t take sides and we don’t act as the finder of fact with respect to review content.

  • We remove content if we have evidence that users were incentivized to or coerced into leaving the content.

  • We believe in the principle of anonymity and free speech — everyone has a right to voice his or her opinion and be heard without fear of retribution, censorship or other unwanted attention.

  • We believe each organizer has the right to respond to a review left by a member for free, and that the organizer be given the last word on a review

Been part of community all users are bound by certain terms of use and platform privacy policy. To know more about please review our:

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