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How my event got listed

How and why my event is listed on 10times.

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10times represents the world's largest community of event goers. Millions of event goers across the globe access the platform to lookup for their next event to attend, stay connected with their favourite events or to find and research on relevant information about events they wish to attend. 

If your event is listed on 10times then there can be a number of reasons how your events got listed:

1. Your event will appear on 10times after your former event visitor submits a review. This is how we generate most of our event records. As it is not unlawful for us to host discussions about specific event, all event profiles will remain on our site once created.

2. Since 10times serves as an event goer community, we continuously keep getting event suggestions from users for missing events. These suggestions might be regarding an event they were looking for but could not find on 10times and so suggested us to list it so they can get regular updates or notifications.

3. It might also be the case that someone else from your organization listed the event in the past by creating an account or by requesting us to list; and has now left the organization without handing over the responsibility to someone else.

4. By act of maintaining platform transparency, our web crawlers periodically look for events across the web and list them on platform, this is an automated-manual process by which we qualify events and list them. Because we believe in creating the most robust resource possible for event goers, out team also adds events when we feel it could benefit our community. The more events we have on our site, the more transparency we can encourage in the market.

We hope you'll view the creation of your profile on 10times as an opportunity! We've built a platform for you to engage with event goers through review responses, brand building, event postings, and more. Perhaps most importantly making your event discoverable on the world's largest event search engine and help your event reach right audience looking for your type of event and thus increasing your event attendance.

We want your events on our site, and we want to know why you think people should attend your events. Sign up for a Free Organizer Account now to get started.

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