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Event Submission Guidelines. Kind of events that can be listed on 10times
Event Submission Guidelines. Kind of events that can be listed on 10times

Provide details & criteria of what type of events are eligible to be listed on 10times platform.

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Post adding the event on dashboard, the organizers can submit their events for Review to publish the same on 10times page. Approval of these events to be displayed on 10times also depends on various parameters as below:

General Event Submission Guidelines

What Can be Added:

  • Events having a physical presence: Events happening at physically located venues which are easily accessible by the public are only allowed for submission. Events which do not happen in any physical venue such as webinars, virtual events, online programmes etc are not considered for addition. The venue should be linked with Google Maps for easy submission.

  • Events having Online/Virtual presence: We have recently launched the Virtual events feature to add your events online. All the events such as webinars, virtual events, online programs etc. can be now listed on 10times. Check out the article here to know how to list your virtual events.

  • Events which are open to public: 10times is an open platform and used by over 20 million users globally to search and find events to attend. Hence, events which are open to the general public can be listed. 

  • Events with clear ownership: Events having clear title ownership owned/co-owned by individuals, companies, organizations, community or government bodies are only allowed to be listed. Events that do not have any clear ownership or there are no claimed owners or third-party vendors/aggregators are not allowed to be listed.

  • Professional events: 10times is a professional platform and used by professionals with an aim to grow their network for business, professional networking, career growth, personal learning & development. Hence we only allow events which are professional in nature like trade shows, conferences, consumer fairs, networking events, workshops, etc to be listed and do not allow casual, personal, and entertainment events like concerts, festivals, parties, music shows, award shows, reunions, fashion shows, outdoor activities college fest, online courses, etc.

What Cannot be Added

  • Private & Small events: Events that primarily involve a particular set of people based on “Invitation Only” or events that have a lesser or of no interest to the general public are not allowed to be listed on 10times. Events like private parties, kitty parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, family functions/ceremonies, corporate parties, and reunions are a few examples that we don't allow to be listed. These Private Events can be listed on dashboard but cannot be publicly discoverable on 10times.

  • Adult, Restricted, Banned or Disputed events: Events which would or can harm any sector, community, religious group, government or any individual directly or indirectly are not allowed. Events which are unethical in nature, controversial, disputed or restricted by any laws/government bodies are also not allowed to be listed. Some example of such events are rave parties, dope session, terrorism activities, protests against anybody/individual, strikes, inviting for public gatherings etc.

  • Non Professional Events/Festivals & Celebrations: While we respect the culture, community, religious groups but we don’t allow any country, city, region or area specific festivals or celebrations to be listed. Celebrations and festivals are broad in nature and they do not have any specific venue or belong or owned by individuals or companies. However, the festivals which are B2B and have exhibitors can be listed.

  • Event Duration: In order to maintain the quality of events we generally do not list events whose duration extends more than 21 days but as an exception we have made the duration for workshops and training as 30 days. If your training/course is more than 30days you can just add the first day of the batch and write the duration of the course in the description.

  • No Event website: Events having no official website, cannot be added. We provide our visitors with the official websites to confirm the details of the event. Thus, Event official website is the most important field to display.

How can I make my Events publicly discoverable on 10times?

Apart from following the guidelines above about what type of events we list , here are a few tips to help you understand how you can successfully add and publish your events on the 10times page via dashboard to make your events publicly discoverable.

  • Make sure all the details are available on your official website. If any detail added on dashboard cannot be verified from your official website, it will not be approved or will be marked Unverified.

  • Event Name: Things to avoid/ Not Allowed

Edition Number (1st, 2nd and so on)

Event Dates

Event Year (2020, 2021 etc)

Special Characters (Sample Allowed : () , - & . / @ : + ! ?)

Complete Name in UPPERCASE or lowercase (Only first letter of each word should be in Capital, like "National Anthem")

Improper Text Formatting

Note: You will get separate tabs to enter each detail so avoid adding them in the Add Event section in the dashboard.

  • Avoid using contact number, email id and website links in description. Also make sure the description is of atleast 250 characters.

  • Your venue should be searchable in the Google maps, so incase you cannot add your venue using the Keywords, you can simply add the Google map url of the venue.

  • In-case your new edition of an event is happening in the same city as before, re-host your past edition with new dates rather than creating another event. If it's happening in another city (more than 50km radius) then you can successfully add a new one.

  • Once you have filled the add event page, your event will be in draft. Make sure to check the Eligibility criteria to fill in the details and do not skip the mandatory fields

  • Your event strength (enrich event content) should be at least 30% to qualify for submission & approval. 

Find step by step process on how to add your event on 10times via dashboard.

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