10times is open for all event discovery platform and is been accessed by millions of event goers, business professionals, working professionals, industry experts, students, teachers, doctors and people from specific professionals. All these people actively use the platform to find new events, research about any events, share information and take part in discussions so that they can plan their visit to event efficiently and can get maximum value from their visits.

In order to perform above actions and being active on platform they continue to engage with platform at various call-to-action points and at different juncture of their event journey. 

Some of the notable action performed by them on platform: 

  1. Follow - By following an event users shows interest in getting regular updates about event in his/her calendar/wall/feeds.
  2. Bookmark - for the purpose of adding it to his/her shortlisting or wish-list bucket for tracking or for further research purpose
  3. Interested - by way of showing interest in event user shows his intent and willingness to visit the event and to join the event community for taking past in discussions. The intent can be for any purpose be it for attending the event as visitor, exhibitor (book a booth), speaker or sponsor. Basis his intent he/she can get help from fellow community members.
  4. Going - to let the community know that he/she would be going to event so that she/he can plan and schedule some meetings and engagements beforehand.
  5. Set Reminders - user engage with these button when they wanted to receive timely alerts and reminders on event for the purpose of not missing the dates.
  6. Register - this is optional button which comes only if organiser has enabled the same on platform. This engagements is used to officially register a user and issue him proper ticket/badge or pre-registration id for seamless and fast check-in at event.

While all above actions are meant primarily for platform engagements and to provide value added service to event-goers community, at the same time we do understand and believe that such engagements can also provide value to event owners/organisers. For the same purpose we term all such engagements as leads in system and available for organisers using free organiser account.

With access to information about such engagements and users; organisers can plan their events better, can engage with their users community, use that data for analytical purpose and grow attendance and conversions to events.

To learn more about how to respond and engage with users/leads

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