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How to promote events and boost their visibility
How to promote events and boost their visibility

How can I advertise, promote, boost or market my event and speed up the ranking

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Thousands of events get listed on 10times daily, ranking of events on 10times is done programatically. These ranking systems are made up of a series of algorithms that analyze what users are looking for and what event information to return to them. Our algorithms take into consideration user interest and rank events on the basis of their popularity, size, and occurrence of events.

There are several things you could do to boost event visibility across the platforms organically:

  1. More the information, better the visibility. Make sure your event strength is 100%. The completeness of information builds trust among event-goers and provide them with better decision making. The more content you add, the higher will be your event strength % and more boost. To add content login to your free organiser account.

  2. Build user interest and followers. If your event is attracting more user interest, event will tend to automatically get more visibility across the platform. Active user community with large number of followers help system define trending events. You can social share event page, invite your users to join and follow event. This will get a boost for your event.

  3. Respond & engage. Active and passive engagement builds trust among users. The more you will become active on platform the more boost your events will get. Make sure you proactively reply and respond to your user interest generated for your event.

  4. Maintain event reputation. Better rated events ranks better on platform. No one likes to have bad event attend experience. It's a time of digital and users tend to read reviews before attending any event. Make sure you keep your events reputation on check and under-control. Learn how to manage event ratings.

If you are looking to go out-of-way and in-organic way to boost your event:  

  1. Update account to Premium Plus. upgrading your account is a in-organic way to give boost to your events. By upgrading ALL the events under your account will get in-organic push and will tend to attract more visibility. Make sure you continue to engage and add content to your events for better visibility.

  2. Customised event marketing. If you want proper solutions to market your event to right audience and generate right kind of interest then our event success specialist can help you on this. To know more about how our marketing work please click here

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