To be able to edit / update / manage your event you must have access to the event. Only representative, employees and owners of event or event organising company can have access to event. If your event is already listed and you do not have access, please read our FAQ on how to claim your listing and get access. Once you have access to the event, proceed with the below steps. 

Step 1: Login to your oDASH account. To know more how to login to your oDASH account click here.

Step 2: If you have the access to events, by default you will land on "My Events" section of oDASH. Select the event you wish to edit by clicking on 'Manage' button for the event.

Important Note: Please keep in mind, we consider all different city located event as different event on platform. Which means that if you have event with same name happening in two different location (city) would be two different listing. 

Step 3: Make the required changes on the 'Event Overview' (you can edit basic details like name, dates, venue, timings, description, highlights, official link, social media links, etc.)

Step 4: Navigate to other sections of "Content" from left panel and edit the information you wish to add or modify.

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