To be able to edit/update/manage your event independently you must have access to the event.

Only representatives, employees, and owners of the event or event organizing company can have access to the event.

If your event is already listed and you do not have access, please read our FAQ on how to claim your listing and get access. Once you have access to the event, proceed with the below steps. 

Step 1: Login to your Dashboard account. To know more about how to login click here.

Step 2:  Select the event you wish to edit.

Important Note: Events with the same name, happening in two different cities (50 miles apart) would be considered separate events and each one will have a different listing. 

Step 3: On the left panel, click on Content > Event overview. This page is further divided into two sub-pages Basic info and Event detail.

Step 4: Basic info has basic details like name, dates, venue, timings, and description, you can edit or change them as per your event information.

Step 5: Event Overview page has details like event's short name, highlights, official links, social media links, and focused products & services, etc. you can make the required changes.

Note: Please note after making the changes, scroll down and click on the "SUBMIT" button present at the bottom of the page. Every time even you've done the slightest change, always click on the button shown below in the image.

Your changes or updates will be lost if not clicked on "SUBMIT" button.

Step 4: Navigate to other sections of "Content" from the left panel and edit the information you wish to add or modify.

Note: The event information that you input here, should be the same as on the official website. Recommended event strength (the amount of information entered about the event) is at least 90% to have more visibility on the platform.

Request to change event name or status will be submitted for verification to our QC team. It may take up to 48 hours to get it approved.

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