My claim request got rejected or denied

What need to be done in case access request to claim a listing got rejected or turn down.

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If your access request got rejected/denied or turn down, these could be the possible reasons:

1. You did not use your official / work / business / corporate email for claiming

We do not provide access on generic email IDs such as / / etc. Hence, we suggest you to create a new Dashboard account with your work / business / corporate email ID and try again.

*If you do not have a corporate email, we suggest you to get your generic email ID displayed on your official website (preferably in Contact section) and try again.

2. The existing access holders (administrators) have turned on Advanced Security

The existing access holders have enabled security features and instructed 10times to NOT give access to anyone else without their permission. Only current account administrator are allowed to give the access.

How to get the access

We suggest go back and try claiming with a different available claim method and re-verifying your authority. To read about various methods available to get access click here

In case you think none of the claiming method is available and you are still the authoritative to claim the listing in that case please write to us at and proof of authority.

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