Claiming your listing makes you the legitimate owner of your event(s). Only representatives, employees and owners of event or event organising company are allowed to claim the listing. 

Once you have successfully claimed your listing: 

  • You will be able to edit/update all details of event(s) you have access to.
  • You will gain complete control of your listing information, users, leads, content, marketing and analytics etc.
  • You will be able to grant/revoke accesses and permissions to users.

Type of Claim (Account Level Claim vs Event Level Claim)

We understand how organization functions and thus claiming of listing on platform is allowed at two level.

  1. Admin Level Claim - With admin level claim you automatically get access to all events listed at organization level. With this you would also be able to manage your organisation business profile and would be able to grant / remove access to any event. [Recommended for account administrator responsible for managing all events]
  2. Event Level Claim - This allows you to access particular event listing for which claim has been made. If you want to claim multiple events you have to claim events one by one. [Recommended for event managers responsible for managing one or sets of event in one company]

How to Claim

Claiming of any listing involves two steps. 

  1. Sending your request
  2. Verifying your claim / getting access

Sending your request for a claim

The process involves identifying the listing which you wish to claim and sending a request for claim. 

1. Via [Recommended]

Depending on your claim, type search and go to your event page you want to claim or your business profile page on Business profile page URL looks like[profile url] and event page URL looks like[event url] 

Once you have identified your page listing, look for "Claim this event", "Claim this company" or "Claim" or related link given on page. If you face trouble in finding the claim button simply search for word "claim" on page.

After you click on claim button you would be redirected to enter your business email address and would also require to verify your email. Go to your mailbox and check for a verification email from 10times to verify your email and follow the instructions.
Important: It is recommended to use your business email address, as it will be used to verify that you are the legitimate owner of account.

After successful verification, the link in the mail will take you to your oDASH account. Use any of the given (four) methods to verify your claim. Please go to "Verifying your Claim" section below for details.

2. Via

You can also claim listing from the organizer dashboard. Go to and login to your account. If you are a new user create your account. To learn more how to create your account please read here creating your oDASH account.

Important note : While creating your oDASH account please use your business email address.

Search your event or company listing which you want to claim. You can search by: 

You will be re-directed to the below page if the system is able to find relevant results:

Click on Request Access button and choose the listing you want access of and verify your claim using given (four) methods to verify your claim. Please go to "Verifying your Claim" section below for details.

Verifying your claim & getting access

Once you have requested for claim, this step involves verifying yourself as legitimate owner for getting the access. To understand the various methods how you can verify yourself and get access. Please read about how to get access and methods to verify.

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