Getting access to listing is like getting permission to manage the listing. It is important that only authorized persons gets the permission to manage the listing. If you are looking to claim you listing please check here how to claim a listing.

How to get access to listing

You can get access by using any of the given methods available. All methods are designed to keep in my mind that only authorized personals get the permission.

1. By verifying your business email using access code

Use this method if you have access to business email and your listing is not already been claimed or been actively using by any of your existing users having access to listing. Using this method you verify yourself that you are associated with company or event using the company/event official domain.

Enter the username and choose the domain at which you want to send the Access Code. Go to inbox check access code email and verify yourself by entering the right access code.

2. Asking for access from existing administrators [recommended]]

Via this method, you may request access from those who already have access to that event / company. Drop down will list down all email ids who has the access to listing.

Select the user from the dropdown list from whom you want to ask access from. The user will receive an access request mail. Once he approves the your request you access would be granted.

3. By verifying domain & email [recommended]

Use this method if you have access to event/company official website. Via this method, you may request access from those emails which are mentioned on your website.

Enter the URL where emails are mentioned. Click on 'Fetch Emails From Website' button. Choose any email (fetched by the system) from the dropdown list. Click on Send Request button (a request will be sent immediately)

4. Request access from 10times

Via this method, you may request access from 10times verification team. It may take up to 48 business hours for us to take action. Our team will verify manually if you can be granted access and basis that action would be taken.

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