Those organizers that recognize the value of feedback, notwithstanding their concerns about individual reviews, benefit from the decision to manage their reviews through meaningful engagement with our website.

Once you have claimed your event, you may take any of the following actions on oDASH (free organizer account) for each review individually. This account lets you control who can post your Responses.). Simply, login to your account and go to feedback section of event.

These actions help in building your event's reputation.

1. Respond to users who have given you feedback

We believe you have a right to tell your side of the story. We recommend that you reply to all of the reviews, both positive and negative. We’ve learned that our users have a more favourable impression of events who take the time to respond to reviews on 10times in a calm and thoughtful way.

Also when you directly address users' concerns, they can re-login to their 10times account and modify the review / rating. Our system is fair and allows them to edit / delete their comments.

2. Highlight good reviews & make it sticky

Highlight your favourite reviews to appear on top of all the reviews. We allow organizers to highlight upto 2 reviews per event and make them appear top of list.

3. Collect more positive feedback

We encourage you to ask your existing user base to leave honest reviews on 10times. If users are generally satisfied with the experience they had with event, this will likely result in more positive reviews on the profile. But please remember, we do not allow to incentivize or coerce to leave positive reviews. And each individual is allowed one review, per event, per edition. When we have evidence of reviews posted in violation of these policies, we remove them - and if the practice persists, we may even warn our users about this behavior by posting a notice on your profile.

4. Share existing feedback

If you already have feedback from your attendees with relevant proof, you may share that with us and we can get that added / highlighted in the reviews section.

5. Report as SPAM/Illegal/Fake

Should you feel the review is off topic or speaking anything but about the event, you may want to report it as spam. A notification comes to the investigation team at 10times which shall get back to you within 48 business hours.

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