We are thankful to you for using the platform. Please understand that 10times is not an event organiser to any of the events listed on platform nor engage in activity of organising any events unless its explicit mentioned on event page. 

It's an event discovery platform and largest community of event goers. Platform help you find relevant events, discover new events based on interest, get event information, reviews and ratings. You can join, follow community of event, ask questions and network with fellow users.

How to attend

Find an event you are interested in attending. Follow for information given on event page and join event community by showing interest in event. 

When you show interest in an event, we forward your request to the event organiser. It is solely up to the organiser’s discretion to respond to the request. In case you have not heard back from the organiser yet, you may:

  • Write a personal email to the event manager. Use the Contacts button on event's page to find the event contacts.
  • Go to the event's official website and raise a request there. Use the Website button on event's page to find the website's link.
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