Adding events on 10times is free. Please review our event submission guidelines before submitting events on platform as we follow strict quality guidelines what can be listed on platform.

How to get your event listed

Step 1: Go to oDASH (organizer dashboard) and login to your account. If you do not have your account with us then create your account. Its free.

Step 2: If you are new user and listing your event for first time you first need to create your company profile. Company profile is your corporate identity and all events listed would come under that identity. On the Get Started page, fill your personal details and company details.

Important Note: We do not allow duplicate profiles, we encourage that there would be one profile or company identity for each company. This helps us to maintain the community.

Once you submit, our system checks if the company is already listed on 10times or not. If it is already listed, system will suggest you existing profiles and will prompt you to request access of the existing listing. If it is not listed already, a new company will get created.

Step 3: Once you have access to any one company, now you are ready to get your event listed on 10times. Click on "Add Event" button on the header and fill in the required details about your event.

Important Note: It takes up to 48 business hours for our quality team to audit the details entered. The team approves and publishes the event on 10times if the event adheres to our Event Submission Guidelines. You will receive a system generated email informing whether the event has been approved / rejected.

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