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How can I change the title/name of my Event?
How can I change the title/name of my Event?

Know the guidelines for event name change and event short name

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If you have recently decided to change the title of your event, you can update the same on your 10times event page as well without any hassle.

You update any changes in your event independently from the (Partners Dashboard) as we call oDash.

To change/modify the title of your event, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Login to your account and click on your event (you want to change the title).

Step 2: On the Event Overview page, click on the pen icon on the right side of the Title as shown below:

A pop will appear, write the new Title name and click on the 'Update' Event name' tab.

The request will be sent to our Quality Check team, they will verify the same from your official website and resolve it in 48 business hours of time.

Guidelines for Event’s Name Change 

What Can be Accepted:

  • The city/country where the event is happening can be added to the event’s name. For instance, the event name “Annual Conference on Environment” can be changed to “Annual Conference on Environment France” if the event is happening in France

  • Words like Annual, Expo, Exhibition, Fair, International, Spring, Fall, Winter, Summer, Autumn, Conference, and Summit can be added or removed from the event’s name.

  • You can add the event short name in the respective field Short Name. For eg the short name for Annual Conference on Environment should be ACE. (Should be same as on the official website)

What Cannot Be Accepted:

Edition Number (1st, 2nd and so on)

Event Dates

Event Year (2020, 2021 etc)

Special Characters (Sample Allowed : () , - & . / @ : + ! ?)

Complete Name in UPPERCASE or lowercase (Only first letter of each word should be in Capital, like "National Anthem")

Improper Text Formatting

Note: You will get separate tabs to enter each detail so avoid adding them in the Add Event section in the dashboard.

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