How can I remove past events?

I want to remove past event. My event got cancelled, please remove

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We suggest you keep the past event listed. Our system automatically archives those events which have not happened even once in the last 4 years. Here are some reasons why keeping past event is helpful to you:

  • In the rare case the event is happening in the same city again anytime in the future, all you will have to do is simply enter the latest dates and rehost that event. As soon as that's done, the system will re-invite all old leads from that region.

  • When a 10times user expresses interest, that event gets bookmarked in their calendar. If we remove the event, the bookmark would not appear anymore thereby confusing the user and giving an impression like the event listing got lost.

  • Organizer reputation and rating is based on the number of events organized / hosted by them till date. The higher the number of events, the higher is the organizer rating. This rating positively affects your profile. If we remove the past event, your org rating will get affected.

  • Removing an event will delete all associated data like its visitor leads, exhibitor leads, bookmarks, exhibitor requests, messages and chats, connections, editions etc. affecting the SEO- which is not advisable at all.

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