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How to remove my events from 10times
How to remove my events from 10times

FAQ regarding removal request, remove my event(s), company profile.

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Because event transparency, event aggregation is a core part of our mission and we believe in creating a simple, insightful and open-for-all platform for anyone to discover events in the world, we can't agree to remove your company or event from 10times if you ask us to do so. 

10times provides a forum for candid discussion about what it's like to attend any event our users want to know about and we work to aggregate all the open event listings in the world. Relevant law allows us to host event & company profiles and their publicly available open information without having to ask for permission. Also, it is not unlawful for us to display information, host discussions, gather and show our users’ ratings / reviews / opinions and create transparency in community.

We learnt, most of the removal request arise due to incorrect display of information, inability to understand how to control and manage the listing. We do understand been a open platform there might be some information which might not be accurate and as owner you want a complete control on information display.  For the same purpose 10times provide free Organizer Account to manage the listing, and we encourage you to use the same to manage your listing.

When we remove

We only entertain remove events requests if events do not meet the guidelines of community and information display on network provide threat or involves an activity of spam, illegal, marked restrictive/banned by laws, private gathering and not meant for public, added to misuse the platform and have been listed on platform by-passing various checks and processes. Click to learn more about how events / company got listed on 10times.

If you have a Free Organizer Account and want to cancel this free account, you may do so by following these instructions. When you cancel you Free Organizer Account, you'll no longer be able to respond to reviews, respond to your users community, have direct access to update your event or company information, or view basic analytics - it doesn't mean that we'll remove the event or company profile itself.

This FAQ is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. You should not rely upon this information without seeking advice from an attorney who is competent in the relevant field of law.

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