Through Dashboard you can successfully create an event but only creating an event does not help you reaching the right audience. In order to boost the visibility of your event, it should be strong in content and complete in its description. Make sure you complete all the required fields that are asked for and strengthen your event.

Strength of the event in Dashboard is calculated based on the number of fields/information filled in your dashboard. 

We recommend you have at least 85% strength of your event.

For Example: If you have skipped filling the information for Event Highlight it will be suggested “Add Highlight to boost by 10%”.

Follow the below steps to increase the strength of your event.

Step 1: Simply login to your free organiser account using your official email id.

Step 2: Once logged in, select an event for which you wish to increase the strength from the dashboard.

Once you are inside your event's profile, navigate to left menu section of the page.

 It will show the current strength of your event in percentage.

Eg: In the below image it shows 82%. Also a suggestion is given to add speakers to boost strength by 8%.

There will be an option to skip and pass on to the next suggestion.


Also you can check the strength category wise.

Step 3: Select Content dropdown from left navigation menu to check the page wise strength

Click on Speakers and check which areas needs to be focused.

Note: The same can be done with the other categories whose strength is less than 100%.

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