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How to manage my Event App from Dashboard?
How to manage my Event App from Dashboard?

Manage your Event App's content & tabs from Dashboard to engage your attendees.

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Once your event app is successfully launched through Dashboard, default tabs will be added to your app and you will be able to manage those tabs as per your requirements.

Managing Content in the Event App is pretty simple. Just update the content on Dashboard & reopen the app on your phone. 

For Managing the tabs in the Event App from Dashboard, kindly follow the below step by step guide:

Step 1: Login to your Dashboard and click the "Mobile Apps Live" button of the event for which the app is live.

 Step 2: A pop-up will appear asking you to select the app. Click on “Live (Manage)” tab.

Step 3: Your Event App dashboard page will open. From here you can check your application status, download App QR Code, Website Banner and Manage the App Tabs.

  • QR Code: On Scanning this code with a mobile device, users will get redirected to this event’s app on the store.Download and share to promote your event.

  • App Banner: Embed this code on your event's website to display the app banner. On clicking the banner, users will be redirected to this event's app on the store.

  • Push Notification: Send the request to our team for enabling push notification in your event app.

Click on "Manage App Tabs" and it will be redirected to the Tabs Customization page.

Step 4: Re-order the tabs by simple drag & drop.  

Step 5: Edit any tab by simply clicking on the Pen icon.

A pop-up will appear for editing that particular tab.

  • Name: You can change the name of your Tab.

  • Type: (Since its a default tab it cannot be changed)

  • Html/Url :  (Since its a default tab it cannot be changed)

  • Status: You can either enable or disable this tab anytime.

 Step 6: To Create new tabs, Click on "+Add Web View tab" below the default apps.

 A Pop-up will appear to create a new tab. 

  • Name: You can add a name to your tab.

  • Type: You can select the type of the app:

  1. Contain : 

  2. Weblink: 

Url: You can add an Html code url or a website link.

Click on Save & Update.

Step 7: Click on Save Settings. Your Tabs are edited/created. You can download the link of your Event and check the tabs and other info related to it.

Note: The tabs are divided into 3 categories:

  • Permanent Tab - They are permanent and cannot be edited or disabled from the app.

  • Default Tab: They are on the app by default. Only the ‘Name’ can be edited and it can be enabled and disabled anytime.

  • Web view tab: This will help you to create a new tab on the app apart from the default ones.

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