The Silver and above accounts get credits which they can redeem by sending exclusive invites to 10times' 5 million+ user database to generate targeted leads.

Also, organizers hosting events on FLOOR can use their credits against user check-ins

Follow the steps below to use credits:

Step 1: Login to your Dashboard account and click on the “Credits” in the top bar.

A page will appear where you will find the guidelines of using the Credits.

Step 2: Read the important instructions given below and make sure you follow these guidelines before sending the invites to your target audience.

Step 3:  Select the Event (from the upcoming events) for which the Credits have to be used.

Please note, the Admins of the Dashboard account would be able to select any of the upcoming events listed in the respective company's account. However the Event Managers can only select the upcoming event(s) they have been given access to.

Step 4: Enter number of credits to be redeemed from the Credit balance.

The minimum limit to use credits for visitors starts from 10 and for exhibitors starts from 100.

Step 5: Select nature of your target audience (Visitors/Exhibitors).

Step 6: Select the specific location for your target audience.

  • Local, National & Zonal: The audience which are based around the event's city, country or continent respectively.

  • Global: Global audience.

  • Preferred Country, Preferred Zone: The audience can be selected for any particular country or particular continent.

Step 7: Send the invites immediately or schedule for later.

Please note if you are scheduling to send the Invites for later, please select the date & time according to Indian Standard Time Zone (IST).

After selecting all the information and target audience click on “Proceed” icon.

A Preview page will appear which will show the mailer design and content that will be sent and received by your target audience.

As it's an automated template, you cannot change the design and format of the mailer. However if you feel the content needs to be edited or added, you can always go back to your dashboard and edit the content. The system will auto-pick the content and place it in the template and you can again check the preview. 

Step 8: Click on Send if you approve the mailer and keep checking your leads page to know the responses.

Step 9: You can also check the report of the credits used in View Reports section.

This will lead you to the page where you can find all the analytics related to the credits received and redeemed and its unique clicks report up till now. This will help you to analyze how these credits are effective for your event and whether the target audience selected have the right responses.

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