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How to activate email campaign via Dashboard. How to use your credits for email invites.

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Generate targeted leads for your event based on its industry, location & audience.

You can buy credits that can be redeemed by sending exclusive invites to 10times'

5 million+ user database and generate targeted leads for your events.

Apart from the Credits included in any subscription plan, you also have the option to buy extra Credits for more leads inflow.

How to Use Existing Credits for Visitor/ Exhibitor In-Mails

Step 1: Select the event on oDash for which you want to use credits.

Step 2: Click on Email Campaign on the left side under Marketing & Campaign.

Refer to the image below:

Step 3: Here you have the options available to target your audience by choosing keywords, industry and preferred location, etc.

You can refer to the below image:

Note: 1 credit is used for 1 visitor invite and 10 credits are used for 1 exhibitor invite.

Step 4: Click on the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page now you will come across 3 templates as shown in the below image:

Step 5: You can choose any of these by clicking on the template, then only the edit button will be visible.

Step 6: Preview the content and select the credits that you want to use and click on the "Send Invite" button.

Refer to the below gif for more understanding.

How do check the Campaign Report?

Step 1: You can check your report after sending the emailer campaign by clicking on "Credits"

Step 2: Scroll down and click on "Report" highlighted in the below image.

Now you will see your report as shown in the below image:

Kindly refer to this video below for a better understanding

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