We understand how important are your leads and you would definitely want to give them warm greetings or pass on any important information when they show interest in your event.

In Dashboard you can setup personalised message to the visitors/exhibitors showing interest in your event. 

The message may include: 

  • Thank you message

  • Announcement

  • Disclaimer

  • Terms and conditions

  • etc, or anything that relates to passing information direct to the visitors/exhibitors showing interest.

Below are the steps to setup personalised messages:

Step 1: Login to your Dashboard account and click on the desired Event.

Step 2: Click on Leads drop down and enter the Settings page:

Step 3: On the settings page, enable the button(s) for displaying the message for visitors or exhibitors or both.

A pop-up will appear that will ask to enter the text or message you want to pass on to your visitors/exhibitors.

Enter the text and click on submit button.

As soon as any user hit on Interested/going/register/remind me/Request a booth options, this message will be displayed on the ThankYou page and email the user will receive.

Below is the screenshot of the Thank you message received to the visitors/exhibitors:

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