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How to add future editions of my event via Dashboard?
How to add future editions of my event via Dashboard?

Add future edition dates of your event, while your current event is still upcoming and generate leads for your future editions too

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You can add future edition dates on the Dashboard by following the steps below:

Step 1: Login to your Dashboard Account and a page with all your events will be displayed.
Click on the desired event name.

Step 2: The Event's dashboard will open to manage all the content of the event. Click on " "Content" on the left-hand side panel and then select "Event Overview".

Step 3: Scroll down the Event Overview page and Click on Future Dates > +Add button.

Once you click on the Add button, a pop-up will appear which will indicate the implication of adding the future dates. Please read the note carefully before proceeding.

Now press 'Continue'.

Step 3: Add the Start date and End date of your future edition. You can also add more dates by just clicking the '+' (plus) tab.

Now click on Submit at the end of the page. Your dates will appear under 'Editions' on your 10times Event page.


  1. Future edition leads can be found in the "Manage All Leads" section by applying the edition filter.

  2. Adding future dates is irreversible, thus it won't be deleted later.

  3. Your event will be automatically re-hosted with future edition dates once your current event is over.

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