On-site badge registration is a great way to personalize user experience.

To enable the badge generation for your attendees, kindly follow the steps below:

Step 1:  Select the event for which you want to enable the badges

Step 2:  Refer to left menu panel and scroll down. Click on oDESK (on-site reg. system) > Badge Setup

Step 3:  Enable the option of auto-generate badges

Step 4:  Design your badge by selecting the badge category/ name, color and type.

Step 5: Save settings and the badge will be generated with a unique QR code and a unique badge ID  as shown above .

Please Note: Users can see Register tab on the event page when the badge generation is enabled (refer to image below). They can click on that and register to get direct entry at the event basis badge ID/ QR code. Organizers can see their details in oDASH.

Note: Badges can be generated only for free events. The unique badge ID/ QR code on the badge can be scanned at the registration desk at the event and let direct entry for the user.

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