Most of us are having to make major adjustments to programs – cancelling in-person gatherings, scrambling to reschedule, or like so many are doing, going virtual.

Live Venue is a virtual real time page to host your online event. It’s a new way to imagine online events with all the essential solutions.

With event requirements changing, oDash offers a system that comes with over 100 modules to meet your needs. Our brand new FLOOR Video Conferencing tool will help you host your Virtual Events a real boost.

We provide you with a virtual event suite- FLOOR which is a one-stop solution to manage, market, and monetize virtual events.

Schedule your first Virtual meeting

Check out the steps from Link here to create or add your first Virtual Event from oDASH.

  • Click on "OR CREATE" button on +Add Session in Agenda and schedule to activate and create our goLIVE Virtual Platform for your Live Stream Conferencing.
  •  Add the Speakers, Host, Admin or Moderators from "+Add Speaker" and fill the necessary details.
  • Once all the speakers/host/moderators/admins are added and the session details are filled, click on Save & Publish.
  • The Weblinks of your Virtual Event will be automatically created.

Send invitation to join your Virtual Meeting

Once your Virtual weblinks are created on oDASH, you can invite your speakers and share the links to join the session.

Alternately, you can copy the link and email to your speakers separately.

Display joining link on 10times.

Your users will find the the joining link on your 10times page in Schedule and Agenda tab.

Enter the FLOOR Session from the Weblink.

Login through your Google/Linkedin/Facebook account to join the first session of your Virtual Event.

If you still havn't decided to use the our brand new tool FLOOR yet, schedule a quick Demo with our experts on how you can use our goLIVE Virtual Platform to engage with your audience and set-up hassle free online meeting.

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