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How can an attendee/ delegate ask questions from speakers/ host
How can an attendee/ delegate ask questions from speakers/ host

How to ask questions from speakers and host

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An online event is more purposeful and worthwhile if it maintains the engagement between attendees and speakers/ host. To maintain the same decorum as in the physical events and make them more interactive, apart from being informative, FLOOR offers multiple ways for its attendees to ask questions from speakers & host.

An attendee can ask questions in the following two ways:

By writing question in the QnA section

Step 1: Click on the discussion chat box icon, showing on the right panel of your screen

Step 2: Go to QnA and type your question.

Ideally, the question which gets most likes is preferred.

By raising hand

This feature allows you to raise your hand to ask question, when being asked by the host. You will see a hand icon on the footer menu panel of your screen. Just click on that. Kindly refer to the highlighted option below.

This will allow the speaker/ host to invite you on stage which means you will be seen to the audience on the screen and you can directly ask question from the speaker face to face (virtually)

Please Note: It is on the discretion of host or speaker which questions do they pick to answer from any of the channels above.

Watch this video below for better understanding:

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