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How can I watch and do round the table meeting with other attendees
How can I watch and do round the table meeting with other attendees

Group meeting. Private room chats. How to make networking private?

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We have taken care in advance that users who have come to attend the event on FLOOR, can utilize their spare time by networking with their fellow attendees, while the session is yet to start.

This is the best part of FLOOR wherein you can share and exchange thoughts with other users in private rooms. You can watch other ongoing round the table meetings in the lounge and can join any of those conference tables which interests you, provided that there should be an empty seat on that table.

This will allow you to interact with other members in the event, exchange thoughts & ideas and do round the table business meetings.

To do so, kindly refer to the Lounge section on the left panel of your screen.

You may watch other meetings and grab a seat of your choice.

Hope the video below helps you understand more 😊

Lock the Seat

At the discretion of the organizer, you can also lock your seat and make your table as private. This will allow you to hold private discussions. Other users will not be able to watch the ongoing conversation and grab the seat.

Just click on the highlighted lock icon below:


  • It is possible to do meetings in the lounge, even during the session and then you may switch back to the live streaming anytime.

  • You will get a sound notification when anyone joins the table.

  • You can view the users who are watching your conversation in the Viewers tab on the right menu.

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