1. What is FLOOR?

FLOOR is the first virtual live events platform that gives organizers the tools to build, customize and manage online events with all the benefits of physical events that people desire.

Event hosts can create custom event registration pages, add sponsors, sell various ticket types, and define a schedule of engaging segments for speakers and attendees. FLOOR is much more than just a "virtual meeting rooms".

2. Is live streaming included?

YES! Our pricing includes our in-built live streaming. No more gluing different applications together or trying to embed Zoom links. However, if you want to use your own streaming platform you certainly can!

3. Do you charge if someone registers but does not show up?

Nope! We only charge for the people who actually come to your event! Not for the people who register but never show up. That just wouldn’t be right!

4. How does the subscription work? Can I switch or cancel?

Floor is a subscription-based service, so your plan renews every month or year (depending on whether you choose to pay monthly or annually). You can cancel your subscription and auto-renewal at any time during the subscription tenure.

5. How does the free trial work?

Your 15-days free trial includes all features and you can host webinar for up to 50 people.

If you decide to not continue using FLOOR, when your trial expires, your account becomes inactive. You won’t be able to schedule new webinars or events, and people won’t be able to register for webinars you’ve already listed.

6. How does Floor protect my data?

We highly prioritize privacy and security of data by encrypting the session's content, video, audio, and screen sharing via AWS.

7. What would be the tentative cost for Hosting?

Let us know the no.of visitors per day and exact no.of days of event's duration. We can give you the approximate costing.

8. How much storage do I get?

10 GB, However you can request for more storage at a Nominal Cost.

9. How is Floor different from a webinar or video conferencing platforms?

Floor is the only all-in-one, digital events platform. If you want to host the event on a platform equivalent to Floor, you might need to cobble together at least four separate programs to get some of the Floor features—and it would still not match up because Floor has an innovative proprietary technology built specifically for online B2B events.

Floor is the only platform that provides everything to host an event with sessions, keynotes, webinars, breakouts, networking, and fireside chats. But that’s just the front of the house. Floor also features everything you need to manage an event from end to end: Registration pages, expos, sponsors, reception areas, backstage, and analytics.

10. Is it possible to have a panel of speakers connecting from different locations?

Yes, it is possible for users and speakers to access the FLOOR virtual events platform from various locations. They just need to log-in into the platform using their email id on our web portal and they will be good to go.

11. Can you add custom registrations fields in registration process?

Yes, it is possible to create custom registration fields in the registration platform from the back end.

12. Is FLOOR reliable?

For the event organizers reading this, we totally understand the amount of hard work that goes into planning for an event. The coordination, communication, and constant double-checking which it takes, to make sure that everything is ready for the Event Day. You regularly pull off inhuman feats of organization.

We built FLOOR to be bulletproof. We made sure that community events happen without a hitch, meetings flow seamlessly, and attendees across geographies feel like family.

For example, before a keynote, you can circle up with speakers in the Backstage and prep them, making sure slides, audio, and nerves are all ready to go. When it’s time to go live, simply mute your audio and video and click “Go Live.”

You can also keep attendees in the row using FLOOR event-wide chat, while coordinating with staff and speakers in the backstage chat. Sessions also have their own chat rooms.

13. Why should I host a virtual event on FLOOR over a physical event?

Nothing can replace the value of physical meetings, but it’s not always possible. Physical events require travel, parking, standing in queue, catering, security, and a number of other time-consuming and expensive experiences.

FLOOR provides the same amazing value of physical events—new connections and great content—without the inconveniences. With FLOOR, you still can avail networking with fellow participants, expo booths, breakout discussions, and the fortuitous random “run-ins” that happen at physical events. The difference is you don’t need to buy a plane ticket or book a hotel to show up.

14. Q: How many people can attend a FLOOR event?

From 10 to 10,000 People

15. What if I have a large number of attendees? How will I be charged?

The price per attendee decreases depending on volume. If you have more than 2000 attendees, we have customized pricing then.

16. What servers are you using ?

We use AWS cloud server for storage.

17. What is the platform made on ?

Floor is a MVC High-Level platform which is very robust.

18. What kind of hosting you have?


Please Note: The Platform works best on Google Chrome browser.

Also, we highly recommend all users to use a Laptop.

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