Due to massive Events cancelled during this pandemic of Covid-19 around the world, lot of organizers have marked their Events as Cancelled in order to tell the audience that they are not holding any Event for coming months or for an year.

In case you are planning to move your event to online or Virtual, you can link the same physical event (which is cancelled) to your online event and redirect your customers to your new upcoming online event link.

Find the steps below to link your Online event to your physical event.

Step 1: Click on your physical event from the dashboard and enter the Event Overview page.

Step 2: Enable the toggle on top for "Moved Online", select the Online version of the Event from the drop down menu and Submit.

Step 3: Incase your online event is not yet listed in your account, there won't be any dropdown in the toggle and the system will ask to create a new online event first and then link with your physical event.

Create a new Online event and follow the above steps again. Click here to know how to add an online Event on Dashboard.

Step 4: Once your Online Event is added and live on 10times and also linked to your Physical Event, click "Preview" button on top of your physical Event to check the status.

The status will now be changed from Cancelled to Online.

Step 5: Click on "Online" toggle on top (as shown above) , it will redirect the customers to its respective online/Virtual event listing.

Please Note: We cannot change the same physical event to online thus a new online event needs to be listed first and then it will be linked to redirect your customers. This will ensure the audience a right path and clarity if they are looking to attend their events.

You can disable this button anytime you want.

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