Due to massive Events cancelled during this pandemic of Covid-19 around the world, lot of organizers have marked their Events as Cancelled in order to tell the audience that they are not holding any Event for coming months or for an year.

In case you are planning to move your event to online or Virtual, there can be below three cases. Kindly follow the steps below accordingly, via dashboard

CASE 1: The event was happening on-site earlier but moved to online

Step 1: Click on your physical event from the dashboard and enter the Event Overview page.

Step 2: In the field "Location", Select "Virtual"

Step 3: Select the time zone in which the event is happening.

You may refer to this article to know your time zone.

Step 4: Click on Submit

CASE 2: Event is happening on-site now but next edition after six months is going to be virtual

Any future edition of the physical event can be marked virtual also by adding Future Dates and Selecting "Virtual Edition" on the Event Overview page itself.

Select the Event > Content > Event Overview Page > Future Dates

CASE 3: In a hybrid event, where physical and online event is on same dates.

Event should be kept at physical venue and the stream link should be added in the Agenda.

For that, Select the Event > Content > Agenda & Schedule > Add Webcast link


  • If there are multiple sessions, then you will have to add Webcast Link in all the sessions individually.

  • If there is no agenda, then kindly create an agenda with Start time of the Event + 1 hour as End Time and add Stream link in that Agenda. The title of this newly created Agenda can be Live Stream. In this case, when a user will click on "Join" on the event page, he/ she will get the agenda link on the Thank You page.

  • In case, the event does not exist on the platform yet and you want to add a new hybrid event. Then kindly add event through normal course as a physical event, by referring to this article and then add Stream Link in the Agenda as explained above.

  • In the cases above, if a physical event is marked virtual for this edition, it can also move back to the same city where it was last hosted.

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