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How can I watch the Live/Online Event on 10times?
How can I watch the Live/Online Event on 10times?

Login with your registered email id and watch the live session seamlessly

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With the Live events happening around the world it is more convenient to watch any Event globally at the ease of your home. All you need to do is login with your registered email id and you will be able to attend the live Event happening.

Follow the steps below :

From 10times Event Page:

Step 1: Search your favorite Event on 10times page and check the Agenda and schedule of the Event.

Step 2: Click on Interested or Watch Now button to the session you want to attend:

Step 2: Login through your registered email id, via Google/Facebook or LinkedIn

From Invitation received on Email:

You will also receive a Registration Email confirmation from 10times team to login for the live sessions.

  • “Click to join” - One click login to the Live Event, you won't be asked to add your email id.

  • “Joining link” - Click on the link and you can login via Registered Email id (Google, Facebook, Linkedin)

  • “Invite Code” - One click login to the Live Event , Click on joining link and enter the Invite code to watch the Live event.

Please Note:

  • For best experience use your Laptop and Chrome Browser.

  • We recommend you to use your registered email id with 10times to watch any Live event. Incase you are not registered with 10times, please add your details at the time of login.

  • If you still have any issues in logging in, please connect with the organizer or chat with 10times support.

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