Floor has an exclusive lobby for the Speakers as they form an eminent position in the event. Just like in onsite events, Floor ensures that speakers can take over the stage, share their presentation, interact with audience via Q&A and can also do private meetings with them.

Find below the step by step guide how you can conduct multiple session activities and how you can enter your private rooms.

Step 1: Check the Invite received from 10times for joining the Event on FLOOR and press "Click To Join" button. It is a one click login and contains your unique link for the Event.

Step 2: Once you have landed on Floor, you will see the below screen. Just click on "Join" tab in blue color, to join the session. By default, you will land to the backstage.

Your profile picture and description will be shown on the right screen panel (Once we navigate cursor over it)

To ensure that speakers have an engaging and interactive session with their audience, Floor suffixes with certain exclusive features and functions for them.

Find below what can you do as a Speaker on FLOOR:

  • Go Live: When you click on this button on top right of your screen, it will take you to live session. You may share the stage with the speaker or can hand over to them. You have all that in your control.
  • Go Backstage: This is self explanatory, by clicking on this, you will go to backstage again.
  • Handouts: If you refer to the speaker dashboard on top bar, you will find an option to upload your handouts or files for your audience. It can be downloaded and retrieved by attendees in real time, from the Handout option at the left panel.
  • VIP Lounge: On the left panel of your screen you will see certain landing pages including VIP lounge. This option will be there on the discretion of the host/ admin of the event.

Herein, you can enter your own private room. It gives attendees opportunity to interact with you directly either through chat or in-person meeting.

Once you enter room, you can video chat with the user, one at a time.

You can disconnect the visitor anytime as shown below:

Session Activities

On the right hand of your screen you have multiple session activities options as below:

  1. Mic On: You can mute/ unmute yourself using this option.
  2. Cam On: This option allows you to put your camera on/ off.
  3. Present Off: This will allow you to share your screen with the audience.
  4. Discuss: With this option, you may view/ participate in the discussions, bifurcated in three categories.

a. Audience/ Public: You can read public chat and address to the queries of attendees and can also write your own comments.

b. Panelists/ Private: Here you will be able to exchange messages among panelists only. This is a private discussion forum among speakers, host and moderators.

c. QnA: You can view the questions been asked by attendees here and can address them.

5. Polls: You can view active polls and their result here.

6. Leave: By clicking on this you may anytime leave the screen/ session.

Please Note:

  • Use Laptop/PC and chrome browser for better user experience.
  • Allow permission to camera/mic while logging in.
  • Always use your registered email id to login.
  • Please do not share your link as it is your unique login link.

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