Generally, we do not recommend users to access FLOOR via Virtual Private Network (VPN) because our video streaming host provider does not work well with VPNs. However, we understand that some users have to use a VPN to access FLOOR.

So here’s how you can do this:

For Firewall Issues

If you are using a VPN to access Floor, you should first conduct a mic-cam test at to make sure the firewall setting allows you to connect to the Floor. If the firewall has blocked Floor, please safe list our connection and remove authentication logic for VPN.

In more detail, here are the steps you should take:

STEP 1: Check your system settings using to make sure the firewall setting is okay.

STEP 2: If the Firewall setting is identified as an issue, then ask your IT department or your VPN provider to help.

STEP 3: Once you contact your IT department or VPN provider, ask them for guidance on these following tips:

1. Open TCP port 80, 443, 9591, 9593

2. Safe-list the following domains:


3. Open UDP Port 3478

4. If possible, open UDP ports 5866 - 6000 (2.9.0 or later); 10000 - 65535 (before 2.9.0)

5. Remove the authentication login for the VPN

Please Note: If you continue to have trouble with the VPN, please contact your IT department or VPN service provider.

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