The virtual booth is meant to let any prominent speaker/ investor have meetings with the users/ start-ups in groups. At max, eight people can be allowed in the board room, including the admin/ speaker. And there can be ten such meeting rooms in one booth.

However, there is no restriction on the number of users in the waiting room. People can come and wait (like in a doctors chamber). If the queue is too long, people can come back later (voluntarily)

This feature is designed so that the exhibitors, panelists, VIP members or any prominent personalities of the event can have one-to-many meetings/ discussions privately. This is an enhanced feature of ordinary one-to-one booths.

The way many organizers who want unlimited people to just join-in and listen (but not on screen), they can create a workshop type session for each exhibitor on the stage.

Role of Booth Owner

Booth owners get two options, Front Desk and Board Room, to switch through a toggle, on the top right section of the screen.

Board room: This is your private meeting room where you can invite users from the waiting area. The conversation in this room cannot be heard or visible to the users other than those present in this room. Users can download brochures and documents in the board room.

Front Desk: This is the waiting lounge, outside the meeting/ board room, where other users are waiting to join in. You are recommended to join Front Desk only when you need to address to the users in wait area and make any announcement.

Step 1: You will receive the invite from the host as below. Just click on "Click to Join"

Step 2: You will directly land into the session on Floor. Just click on Join to enter your private room( meeting room/ board room)

Step 3: Click on the "Join Front Desk" button in blue, highlighted below.

Step 4: Enter the board room, highlighted below.

Note: Click on “ Enter room “ so that you can enter your boardroom where meetings can happen. Kindly make sure that you are in the board room when you want to interact with attendees

Step 5: Once you enter the board room, you can see there are four investors in the board room below.

Step 6: Refer to the option "Wait Room" at the right section of your screen. You will find users there, waiting to join the room. Also, you will get a sound notification once anyone enters the wait room.

Step 7: Once you hover your mouse on the user profile, you will see an "invite" option. Just click on that, to invite users in the board room.


  1. Users who will be invited will get a sound notification
  2. You can invite more than one attendees at a time.

Step 8: When the meeting gets over, you can just let the current users move out by clicking on the cross on the top corner of their screen and then can invite other users from waiting room.

Note: Kindly refer to this article to know how to Set Up Booth, Upload handouts and your Profile

Session activities

On the right hand of your screen you have multiple session activities options as below:

  1. Mic On: You can mute/ unmute yourself using this option.
  2. Cam On: This option allows you to put your camera on/ off.
  3. Present Off: This will allow you to share your screen and share presentation with other users.
  4. Wait Room: Attendees wait here in this area to be invited to the board room. You can invite them inside from here.
  5. Discuss: You may view/ participate in the discussions.
  6. Polls: You can view active polls and their result here.
  7. Leave: By clicking on this you may anytime leave the board room. Once you leave, you get “ JOIN FRONT DESK “ option. When you join front desk , you come live in front of waiting room attendees. You can do any announcements and then go back to your board room and do meetings again.
  8. Full Screen: You can enlarge your screen by clicking on the highlighted button below. And then can get back to normal by clicking again on the same or clicking Esc. This option can been seen at the bottom of the stage, by hovering your cursor on your screen.

Please Note:

  1. Use Laptop/PC and chrome browser for better user experience. iPAD / mobile phone not recommended.
  2. Ensure good internet speed (Min. 1.4 MBPS)
  3. Allow permission to camera/mic while logging in.
  4. Always use your registered email id/ invite link to login.
  5. Please do not share your link as it is your unique login link.
  6. If your system has a Firewall installed, kindly use your high speed hotspot.
  7. If you are using a Mac, install chrome browser and then open the link.
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