As the name suggests, this is a premium feature of the FLOOR.

The premium booth is meant to let any prominent speaker/ investor have meetings with the users/ start-ups in groups. At max, six people can be allowed in the board room, including the admin/ speaker.

However, there is no restriction on the number of users in the waiting room. People can come and wait (like in a doctors chamber). If the queue is too long, people can come back later (voluntarily)

This feature is designed so that the exhibitors, panelists, VIP members or any prominent personalities of the event can have one-to-many meetings/ discussions privately. This is an enhanced feature of ordinary one-to-one booths.

The way many organizers who want unlimited people to just join-in and listen (but not on screen), they can create a workshop type session for each exhibitor on the stage.

Logic: Audience vs. Onscreen

Audience: They can listen & watch but cannot share the stage

Onscreen: In booths & lounge, the users become active participants, where they can come onscreen with their videos on.

For a better understanding, let's consider a scenario of VIP Investor Lounge, owned by an investor to have group chats with various start ups.

The lounge is further bifurcated in two rooms:

a. Board Room where the meeting is going on among the investor and a slot of users.

b. Waiting Room wherein, the other slots of users are in queue, waiting for their turn to be invited in the board room, by the admin.

So, the host/ admin will be managing the session following the steps below.

Role of Admin

Step 1: Click on the join button in blue, highlighted below

Step 2: You will then enter the board room. You can see there are two investors in the board room along with you (admin), investor 1 and investor 2. Also, you can see four other users waiting to be called upon, in the waiting room:

Step 3: Switch from Board room to Waiting room to invite other users waiting there, by clicking on Lounge button in green color on top.

Step 4: Then click on Join panel to address and invite the users from waiting room.

Step 5: Once you hover your mouse on the user profile, you will see an "invite" option. Just click on that, to invite and let the selected users in the board room.

Here, in the above case, the admin has invited Poornima and Henry in the meeting room while Ankita and Naved still wait for their turn, in the waiting room itself.

Note: Users who will be invited will get a sound notification

Step 6: Now, you can choose either to stay back in the waiting room or can preferably go back to the board room by clicking on "Exit panel", where meeting is going on, in case, your assistance is required.

Step 7: This is how the meeting looks like. When this meeting gets over, you can just let the current users move out by clicking on the cross on the top corner of their screen (highlighted) and then can invite other users from waiting room (Ankita/ Naved)

Role of Investor

Step 1: You will receive the invite from the host as below. Just click on "Click to Join"

Step 2: You will directly land into the session on Floor. Just click on Join to enter your private room( meeting room/ board room)

Step 3: You will enter your room with other investor/ admin where you can carry on meeting with users.

Session activities

On the right hand of your screen you have multiple session activities options as below:

  1. Mic On: You can mute/ unmute yourself using this option.
  2. Cam On: This option allows you to put your camera on/ off.
  3. Present Off: This will allow you to share your screen and share presentation with other users.
  4. Discuss: You may view/ participate in the discussions.
  5. Polls: You can view active polls and their result here.
  6. Leave: By clicking on this you may anytime leave the screen/ session.
  7. Full Screen: You can enlarge your screen by clicking on the highlighted button below. And then can get back to normal by clicking again on the same or clicking Esc. This option can been seen at the bottom of the stage, by hovering your cursor on your screen.

Please Note:

  1. Mostly, admin will be taking care of inviting and switching the users. Still, if the investors wish, they can also control the same, following the same steps of the Admin as explained above
  2. There can be maximum 100 such booths in the Premium/ premium plus subscription plans and up to 1000 in the Enterprise plan.
  3. Use laptop/ PC for the best experience. And, our platform works best on Google Chrome.
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