This feature is to ensure that you can keep a track of your event, advertise your event in your social media links or can go back and analyze for further improvisation.

Host/ Admin can record a part or complete live sessions of their events. You can anytime start and stop the recording on live stage. Also, you can play them backstage and download them anytime.

To do so, kindly refer to the steps below:

  • Go to live stage by clicking on "Go Live"
  • Go to Host Dashboard and click on "Record". This option will be enabled and recording will start.
  • Once the recording starts, it will be displayed on the stage as below
  • When you want to stop the recording, Go to Recording from host dashboard and click on Stop
  • When you are Backstage, you can anytime Play the recording by clicking on "Play"
  • You can download your recording by clicking on Download option below:

Enable/ Disable On-Demand Recording Playback:

If the session has multiple recordings captured, you may choose which recording can be played if any user accesses the session after it is over.

For this, Go to FLOOR Dashboard > Settings > Session Settings > Select the session >

Enable On Demand Recording Playback Option > Select the Recording (in case of multiple recordings) > Enable the required Recording

Note: If a user goes to any session via Stage, which is over and for which the On-Demand Recording Playback is enabled, h/she will see like below and can play & watch the recording. Admins/ Hosts won't be able to watch them from their links.

For other sessions, the screen will look like below:

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