Ideally, the panelists, other than the one owning the stage, giving speech and presenting, should preferably keep themselves on mute with cam off.

Sometimes the background noise of the panelists can be very disruptive, create echo making it unclear and unpleasant for the audience.

However, in such cases, often the speakers themselves might not realize the same.

Therefore, to avoid such circumstances, we provide Hosts/ Admins with an access to their mic and camera.

You can mute and turn off the camera of the speakers.

To do so, please refer to the steps below:

  • Navigate your cursor to the respective speaker's profile.
  • You will see the icons of mic and camera respectively.
  • Click on the required option as highlighted below


a. Once you have mute the speaker or turned off the cam, you cannot undo it from your end. Respective Speakers will have to unmute or turn on the cam themselves.

b. Advise your panelists before the session itself, to keep their mic/ cam off when not required.

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