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How to add a session to your event

How to add a session including welcome video and background banner

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There are multiple ways to promote your brand on FLOOR. One of which is to custom brand your logo on stage. Then you can add a background image so that the stage is not blank when the session is yet to start and users can view yours/ sponsors' banner image and welcome video for each individual session during the event.

Moreover, these features add extra feathers to the cap!! As they are brilliant ways to feature your sponsors too.

To add your session agenda & schedule, there are two methods currently, one directly via FLOOR and the other via your Organizer Dashboard.

Method 1: Via FLOOR

Step 1: Go to your Stage/ Auditorium from the left menu on the Floor. Select "Add Session" as highlighted below:

Step 2: Fill in the required details and click on the "Add session" blue button.

Step 3: Your "Session" will be created successfully.

Step 4: To add a speaker in the sessions. Click on the 3 dots as shown in the image below.

Add speakers by filling in the required details, shown in the below GIF.

Under participants, it will be shown. (Refer to the below image.)

Step 5: You can "copy invite code" in red highlight and "send invite" in yellow highlight.


  • You can anytime edit the session or speaker details from here.

  • You can also delete any session or speaker as well.

  • The session once added will immediately start reflecting in your Stage area.

  • You can further personalize your session by adding room skin, banner, and welcome video by referring to this article.

Method 2: Via Partner Dashboard

Step 1: Go to your Dashboard > Content > Agenda & Schedule from the left panel

Step 2: Select the Session and whether it is happening at Venue, Online, or both (Hybrid)

Step 3: Fill in the details about the session. Select where it is happening.

If you already have the webcast link, enter that else Click on the green tab to Create FLOOR.

Add Admin, Session Title, Session Type, Add Speaker, Date & Timing of the Session, and small session Description.

Note: You may choose the type of session and people, whether speaker, moderator, or host from the respective drop-down menus

Step 4: Select Welcome Video and Background Image.

We highly recommend you add the Video (100 MB max) and Background banner image (Recommended Resolution: 1280x720 pixels) for your session to engage your audience while the session starts.

Note: Welcome video will only be visible to delegates for the first time (Not on re-login)

Step 5: Add logo image (150*150 pixel) which is applicable only for VIP/ Networking Lounge

Note: The Logo added from the session agenda will reflect in the respective section (VIP/ Networking Lounge) as below

You may watch our video below on our YouTube Channel as well, for more clarification:

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