If the speaker/ host is willing to make the session more engaging, they can anytime invite guests on stage, respond to their queries or can have discussion with them, in person.

To invite a guest, refer to the steps below:

  • Ask audience to click on Raise Hand option from their right side of the screen if they want to come on stage with any question/ concern

  • Go to the QnA from right panel menu

  • Those who have raised hands will show up in that category "Hands Raised"

  • You can bookmark any preferred hand raise or Question to be picked up later, by clicking on "star" icon highlighted below.

  • If the questions and hand raise are several in number, you may also sort them by time or bookmark, to be answered later

  • You can invite them by clicking on the highlighted button below "+invite"

  • If the guest accepts your invitation, he/ she will show up on the stage, sharing screen with you.

  • Once the discussion is over, and if the guest does not disconnect himself, you can do that from the same option: Hands Raised > Disconnect or by clicking on the icon highlighted below in the second image.


Admin, Host and Moderator can control this function.

For further clarification, you may also refer to our respective video on YouTube

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