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How to change status of the session during event?
How to change status of the session during event?

How to move audience from one session to the next one?

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Host has been vested with powers to change/ update the status of the sessions anytime during the event.

This can be done following the steps below:

  • Go to the Settings from bottom right

  • Select the session from the drop down menu

  • Enable Override Status

  • Select the required status type from "Select Manual Override Status"

Note: Admins and Hosts both can control this function

The various options are defined above, of which, one of the most demanding one we come across is How to move the audience from one session to the next one

Organizers are often concerned that the attendance of the visitors remains intact and is not scattered/ lost while switching between the sessions.

To cater to this issue, we came up with this feature wherein the host can independently move the audience from the ending session to the next upcoming one, without losing any of them.

To do so, you need to update status as "OVER"

This will let your audience move to the next session automatically.

Easy option to change the status of the session and Move the audience:

We also have an easy way to change the status of the session and move your audience to the next one.

Just select the option if you want to mark as Break or End the session from the top of the screen

The system would ask you to select the session to which you would like to move your audience. Click on the required tab and proceed


  • We suggest you to make the announcement while ending the session, in case, a few users are somehow left out to join the next session, should Go to Stage and Join the Live session themselves.

  • We recommend you to upload some welcome video or banner image (own/ sponsors) because it may take a few minutes for all your audience to join the next session. Meanwhile, people who have already joined in, do not sit idle and get to see the blank screen.

Watch this video for better understanding:

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