Your MAC system may slow down or stuck up especially while sharing the screen, due to various reasons. Maybe because of too many opened apps or browser tabs, or sometimes because of heavy apps like Snap Camera which people are using nowadays to apply virtual backgrounds.

To cater to this, refer to the below reasons and their heck:

  • Connect the system to a power supply - Mac can reduce performance to save energy when operating on an older battery

Note: If finding a power plug is not an option, then killing the apps which are consuming most "Energy" is going to boost up the performance.

  • Ensure of having enough disk space - Press F4 and type Disk Utility to find how much space you have.

Note: If the power is connected and you have enough space, then you can debug deeper.

  • Open the "Activity Monitor" - Press F4 on Mac and type Activity Monitor to find the Activity Monitor App. Activity Monitor will give you a list of processes running in the system and help you find the ones which are consuming too much CPU or Memory.
    Most of the time, it's enough to kill the processes which are consuming too much CPU and/or Memory.
  • "Restart" the system - It is important to "uncheck" the Reopen windows when logging back. Unchecking will start the system just like fresh.
Screenshot 2020-09-04 at 10.28.33 PM.png

After the restart, kill all the unnecessary "startup" items and your mac will work just like a new one.

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