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How to set up a custom domain for your event website
How to set up a custom domain for your event website

How to update DNS settings to set up your brand domain website

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This is one of our exclusive features wherein you can promote your own brand domain. In case, you do not already have a domain then at first you need to buy domain. Then you can launch your website on this custom domain by referring to the steps below:

1. Set up Custom Domain via Dashboard

  • Go to Website Creator from the left panel in your Dashboard

  • Click on Create Website blue button. ( Refer to the below image)

  • Select "I already have a domain" as highlighted in the below image.

  • Write your subdomain for eg. "". This will take traffic directly to the "events" page of your website ""

  • Click on "Update Setting"

Note: There will be three fields that you will see in the settings; Name, Type, and Value. These same values you get against them( events, CNAME, respectively), will have to be entered in your DNS record/ DNS management of host's administrative console for your domain


  • Your custom domain will be available after 24 hours. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have suggestions or need help.

1. DNS Settings steps to be taken by your website administrator

  • Go to your DNS settings from your DNS / hosting provider

  • Add a record type CNAME

  • Add the name of the domain/ subdomain of your choice in the Name/Host section (each DNS may have a different name for this field). We recommend "events", this will make your custom domain show up at

  • Add a Value/Target/Data (each DNS may have a different name for this field)

  • Set the TTL to 1 hr or 60 mins or 3600 seconds (all these values are identical, different DNS panels show this with different values)

  • Click Save

Here is an example of what a completed DNS record looks like:


  • What you enter in your dashboard against "Name/ Alias", exactly same has to be entered in the field "Host" in your DNS settings eg "events" above. Type will be CNAME. And, what you see against "Value" should be entered in "Points To/ Target" eg. "" in the above case.


  • Make sure NOT to proxy and use DNS only if applicable

  • It takes time for DNS changes to propagate through the entire internet. If you are adding a new CNAME record, this usually only takes a few minutes. But it may take up to 24 hours for the changes to reflect.

You can watch our video on YouTube for more clarification:

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