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How to set up and customize networking lounge tables?
How to set up and customize networking lounge tables?

How can we disable "watch" meeting option for users and make networking table private. How to rename networking lounge tables.

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Networking table in the lounge facilitates user engagement during the event.

While the session break is going on or users with like profile and thoughts want to connect among one another, they can grab a seat on the table in the lounge and have private chats.

Extremely flexible, the lounge can be modified to meet the need of any type of virtual gathering.

a. You can brand the tables with logos

b. Add topic to each table

c. Control how many tables you want

d. Allow listeners to be part of table conversations (like live clubhouse)

e. Enable privacy options

f. Can format the seating arrangement

To set up your Lounge, Go to the Host Dashboard > Settings > Lounge

Rename: With this option, you can give your own custom name to this section for instance instead of "Lounge", you may rename "Networking Tables". This is an Enterprise plan feature.

Allow to Make Table Private: A few users or a few organizers might not want any and every users to to be able to watch the ongoing networking discussion and catch hold of any seat.

To restrict this, Admin can enable/ disable the "Go Private" option for their audience, at their own discretion.

With this, users can lock their table and make it Private:

Allow to Watch Table: If this option is enabled, users can watch the ongoing discussions on the respective tables before deciding to join them. Users can go in the Lounge area from left menu of the FLOOR and can find this option on the top right of the respective table.

It is also on the discretion of the organizer to enable and let users watch or restrict them from doing so by disabling the toggle.

Count of Tables: You can modify the number of tables you want. In the free plan, you can avail max 4 tables, in Premium 20 max, in Premium+ 100 and in the enterprise Unlimited.

Number of Seats: This is an enterprise feature. You can change the number of seats to 4, 6 or 8. You can select the default number here for all tables.

However, in case, you want to keep some of the tables with numbers of seats other than the default number, then you can do that as well (explained below).

In plans, other than Enterprise, the default number of seats will be 4

Customize Networking Lounge Tables

This is the most awaited and demanding feature on the FLOOR, from organizers. Add More Power to your Lounge Tables!!🦾

You may now rebrand the tables in lounge area on FLOOR by adding companies Logo Images and by giving them Titles and customizing the number of seats (enterprise plan). This feature is definitely a value addition for your sponsors.

Only admins can control this feature. To name the networking table and upload logo images, kindly refer to the steps below:

  • Go to the Lounge from left section of the stage

  • On each table, you will find "settings" icon on top left, Click on that icon

  • Branding: Upload required Logo Image by clicking on "camera" icon(max 1 MB)

  • Title: Add Title to name the Table

  • You can select the number of seats if you want to customize other than the default number for any particular table.

  • Click on "Update"

The table will be customized in real time. Please find the GIF image below, for better understanding:

For further clarification, you may also refer to our respective video on YouTube

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