You can anytime access the real-time analytics of your event on FLOOR. This analytics will provide you with complete details about who, when and for how much time did various users logged in to your event.

To check this data, kindly follow the steps below:

  • Click on Info from Dashboard on FLOOR
  • You will be redirected to your Partner Dashboard
  • Go to FLOOR > FLOOR Analytics from left panel menu
  • You can Sort the Dates if you want to fetch data for specific duration, from top right drop down option
  • You can Select the User category from drop down menu
  • You can see Total number of Hands Raised and Likes received for that event
  • You can find the Name and Profile of the user; their type whether Visitor, Moderator or Host; when did they last accessed the platform and for how much time.
  • If you click on the User Name, you can further find the log in details of that particular user (Multiple times logged in, Date, Time spent and the IP address)
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