As an organizer of the event, we provide you with complete know-how of your event. You may fetch the details about users who checked-in your event FLOOR, anytime via dashboard.

To do so, refer to the steps below:

  • Go to "Edit FLOOR" from Host Dashboard
  • You will be landed on FLOOR Room & Layout by default
  • Go to Floor Check-Ins

Last 30 Days Check-Ins

This graph represents the number of users who accessed your event FLOOR on any particular date. If you navigate the cursor on any point of the graph, it will show you the Number of Users active (Y-Axis) on that Particular Date (X-Axis) in the last 30 days.

In the screenshot below, you can see the black line where the cursor rests. It shows there were 4 active users on your event FLOOR on 31st Aug 2020

Number of Active users on FLOOR

This has been one of the most demanding questions from most of the organizers.

This graph would give you the real-time Number of Active Users (Y-Axis) at Particular Time (X-Axis) during the event.

In the example below, the cursor is navigated at a point when the time is 9.48.53 (HH.MM.SS) and the Number of Active Users at this time is 33.

Kindly ignore the constant nature of the graph here, because the numbers of users during this whole tenure is constant.

FLOOR Check-Ins Details

This is quite self-explanatory. Here, you can find the details of the users who have accessed your event Floor throughout.

  • Date and Time: When did that user logged in
  • User: Name and Company profile of the User
  • User Type: Whether an Admin, Exhibitor, User or Support
  • Time Spent: For how much time (HH.MM.SS) the User was active on the platform
  • Chargeable: Whether your credits were utilized/ charged against the time spent by that user

Note: The credits will also be charged pre-event (testing/ dry runs) if admin/ host/ user logs in to the event FLOOR depending on the subscription plan and time spent by the participant.

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