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What are the dimensions of various images/documents required on FLOOR
What are the dimensions of various images/documents required on FLOOR

Size chart for various images, videos and documents required on FLOOR

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Kindly refer to the size chart below, for various logos/ profile pictures and videos to be uploaded on FLOOR:




Event Logo


Dashboard>Content> Event Overview Page>Event Logo

Event Banner (Login Page)


Dashboard>Content> Platform Presence> Hi Resolution App Banner

Session Background image


Floor>Session>Room Settings>Personalize> Stage Backdrop

E-site Landing Page

1520 x 512

Dashboard>Website Builder>Design> Background

Sponsor Logos


Dashboard>Sponsor> Add/Edit Sponsor

Exhibitor Logos

2 MB / 300*300


Room Settings>Info

Speaker Profile Picture



Add/Edit Speaker

Booth Background Image

2 MB max/ 1280*720/ 1980*1080

Floor>Booth>Room Settings>Personalize

Handouts in Booths

100 MB max

Floor Dashboard > Handouts> Manage Handouts

Screen Logo

2 MB max / 30 pixel height

Floor Dashboard<Settings<

Branding<Screen logo

Welcome Video

100 MB max/ MP4

Floor>Room Settings (Session/ Booth)> Personalize

Room Skin

2 MB max

Floor>Room Settings (Session/ Booth)> Personalize

Pre Recorded Sessions

6 GB / MP4 (Enterprise)

1 GB / MP4 (Premium+)

Floor>Session>Room Settings>Settings> Streaming Option> Schedule Recorded Stream

Virtual Background

1 MB (PNG)

Floor>Dashboard> Settings>Virtual Background

Table Logos

1 MB (square size)

Floor>Lounge>Table> Settings

Upload Presentation to screen-share

Max size: 500MB (Supported Format: .pdf, .ppt, .pptx)

Floor>Join>Screen-share>Document share

Upload Video to screen-share

Max size: 500MB
Supported Format: .mp4

Floor>Join>Screen-share>Video share

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