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How to upload/ remove instruction videos from helpdesk on FLOOR
How to upload/ remove instruction videos from helpdesk on FLOOR

How to add/ remove walkthrough/ instruction videos from FLOOR helpdesk

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FLOOR has default videos on Visitor and Exhibitor Instructions uploaded in the Helpdesk Section. A few organizers demand to upload their own customized videos in addition to the existing ones or in place of them.

Steps to Add/ Remove Video from the FLOOR Helpdesk:

Step 1: Refer to the FLOOR dashboard.

Go to Settings > Helpdesk

Step 2: Click on Add New tab

Step 3: Add Title of the Video and youtube embedded video link and Click on Save.


Note: In order to upload the required video, you need to add Youtube embedded video link.

Step 4: Enable/disable button for the video you want to enable or disable from FLOOR Helpdesk.


Note: If you want to edit the video title or the video link you can click on the video title and can do it from there

Refer to the screenshot below, how the newly uploaded video will look like, to users.


  • Go to Youtube and click on the video you want to add to Helpdesk

  • Click on Share tab

  • Click on Embed tab

  • Copy URL which is highlighted in blue in the screenshot below.


Note: Do not copy the entire code.


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