It’s time to have a hybrid experience on FLOOR! Hybrid event is an offline event with a virtual version.

There can be three cases to host such events with different kind of expeiences:

1. Broadcasting with Streaming key: When you want to live feed external audio/ video to your audience on FLOOR

For this, kindly refer to the steps below:

  • You would set up your studio suite (external microphone/ camera) at the physical event.
  • Now, on FLOOR, Go to Troubleshoot option, at the top right corner
  • Select your external camera and microphone from the respective drop down menu and it is now all set to go live.

  • Now you can display the footage from your offline event directly on your event FLOOR to your online audience.

Note: When we use the output of any software as input of camera on FLOOR, it is termed as FLOOR broadcasting.

2. Live Streaming: When you want to live feed/ broadcast event happening on FLOOR to your external audience

For this, kindly refer to this article

3. Broadcasting with Hybrid Cameras (cameras used other than laptop): When you want to broadcast your event on FLOOR from third party software/ platform

For this, you just need to enable the option "Stream-in feed from 3rd party Studio" from the Settings on FLOOR. Then, we will provide you with Streaming Key and URL, using which you can broadcast your event here, on FLOOR.

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