When an event being hosted on our platform (FLOOR), is streamed/ broadcasted on other social media platforms, using stream URL and stream Key, it is termed as Live Streaming.

You may live stream your event, being hosted on FLOOR, on your Youtube channel.

If you do not have one, you may anytime create by referring to the steps below:

How to Create Youtube Channel

Step 1: Log in to your Youtube with the required email address

Step 2: From the top right corner, go to "Your Channel"

Step 3: Select whether you want to use your name or your brand/ business name

We recommend that you use your business name.

Step 4: Type in the name and select the checkbox and click on "Create"

Step 5: You will be asked about your phone number and to verify either by SMS or Voice call. Kindly Verify and proceed.

Step 6: Your channel will be created and you will receive the notification for the same instantly. Upload the Profile Picture, Description about your channel and the Social Media page links.

Note: It takes 24 hours to activate your account for Live Streaming

How to Live Stream FLOOR Event on Youtube

Step 1: Login to your Youtube account and click on the below highlighted icon from the top right menu

Step 2: Click on "Go Live"

Step 3: Go to STREAM from the left menu on Youtube Studio (highlighted icon below):

Step 4: A form will pop up to edit your stream details like Title, if it is Public or Private, Description, Category, upload required thumbnail image and Select "Yes, it is made for kids" and Save.

Step 5: Go to your Dashboard on FLOOR > Live Stream

Step 6: Select the social network platform where you want to stream your event.

You can stream on both Youtube and Facebook simultaneously. In the example below, we have selected Youtube Stream

Step 7: Select the session from the drop down. Copy the stream key from the Stream Settings on Youtube Studio.

Step 8 : Paste the stream key on the FLOOR Stream Key field and click on "Save":

Step 9: Click on "Go Live" on Youtube studio (Option at the top right corner). It will take a few seconds, up to 15 seconds to start streaming and go live.

Note: To Share the live stream link with others, Go to Share icon on top right corner (under Manage) > Embed > Copy the highlighted link below

How to Live Stream FLOOR Event on Facebook

You can create and stream your event on Facebook, at the same time or can even pre schedule and save it and make it live once it starts.

Go Live Now

Step 1: Login to your respective facebook page and click on "LIVE" icon highlighted below:

Step 2: Select "Use Stream Key" and click on "Next"

Step 3: Go to Stream Setup and copy the Stream Key

Step 4: Go to FLOOR Dashboard > Live Stream

Step 5: Go to "ADD STREAM" (facebook) > Select the Session > Paste the Stream Key in the respective field and "SAVE"

The live stream of the event would start in a few seconds on your Facebook page. You can share the page URL link with other users where they can watch the streaming on top.

Note: You cannot start streaming in between the event. It should be done before the event starts.

Schedule a Live Video

You can pre-schedule a video on Facebook but it should be at least half an before the streaming/ event time.

Step 1: Select the option "Schedule a Live Video"

Step 2: Select the date and time of streaming (same as event), Title, Description and Image and Click on "Schedule Live Video"

Step 3: Copy the Stream Key

Step 4: Go to FLOOR Dashboard > Live Stream

Step 5: Go to "ADD STREAM" (facebook) > Select the Session > Paste the Stream Key in the respective field and "SAVE"

Note: Stream keys are valid for seven days. Once you start to preview the broadcast, you have up to five hours to go live.

Watch our respective video on YouTube for more clarification

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